Wednesday, July 17, 2013


July 16, 2013

Hi everyone....

Well this week was a good week full of a bunch of sacrifices. We had been having really crappy attendance at church and really struggling to get people going to church, so we got up early and got it done. Walked like 30 minutes to the other end of our area and we were knocking doors by the time it got to be 5:
30. It was a really huge sacrifice but it was worth it. We had some solid investigators in church and it was a really huge blessing. We really are super blessed through sacrifices.

It's still going really good with my companion and he has been faithfully teaching me how to was my shirts. It's getting a little better but at the same time it sucks because all my shirts look like someone literally peed all over them. It's kind of sad but I still work the same. I'm not trying to impress anyone haha and pelpe that are really ready for this gospel will accept whether I stink or not!!!!!!!

"Who says that a white boy can't wash his own clothes by hand???"
We had a sweet P-day yesterday because we woke up early and believe it or not, we dedicated it to cleaning the whole entire house!!!!!!!!!!!! It wsa awesome and really productive. Then I got my P-day nap in and went hard. It was really good. And then in 4 hours, we got 9 lessons in. I love P-days because we try to treat them like normal days and get the same things done that we need to get done in a normal day. 

I know that what I'm doing is the best thing in my life right now. I'm seriously so happy to be out here serving my Lord. I feel like my life has literally changed so much in the short time that I've had here and the time that I've had to help these people. I just know that I need to just get it done hard core and give it all to my Savior. I love you all and I'm so thankrul for all you all do for me! I know this is all true and that no matter what happens, if I work hard, I'll be blessed. I know everything happens for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!! God really does have a plan for us and loves every single one of us. That's a great thing to know.

"Who says a white boy can't make a pure Chapin lunch??"
Love, Elder Hanson

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