Thursday, August 28, 2014


August 28, 2014

Well hey eveyone....

Sorry my emails get crappier and crappier. I am trying so hard to remember what is going on haha.

This week was so crazy. We had changes and that was so crazy. We always have a ton of stuff to do for that. On tuesday night we were in the office till 2 getting everything ready for changes and had to wake up at 4 to get all the noobs ready for the meeting. Talk about running on fumes. I was not even baggy seeing Elder Finch's mom..... soooo okay fine I was totally baggy. But it's all good. Then the next day we had to take them all the the airport in the morning to get them off. Super weird haha.

So this week we have literally been around the whole mission. We have done 4 emergency changes in the last 3 days and had two days of splits with the zone leaders. I have driven like 24 hours this week haha. It is fun but it is super tiring. But me and Elder Oseguera are having a ton of fun. It is weird without Elder Finch, but we're getting along haha. We ran into him a bunch of times killing it with his mom. It didn't even make me baggy don't worry....

If you haven't gone out on your missions, DON'T LEAVE UNLESS YOU'RE WORTHY!!! Man I have seen so many cases with missionaries that don't come out worthy and they just end up going home. Other than costing the church a ton of money that could be used for other stuff, it just sucks to have to go home and try to explain what's going on. It is so much better to just talk to the bishop and take care of the things that you have to take care of and wait and then get out! Don't do it!!

Going up to Sololá yesterday, we went to eat with the P family for lunch. It was soooo sick. I love going to El Tejar haha. There is something so special about that place! We just called them going up and they were like "yeah come on up!" Sick family. Such a blessing to be able to get to know so many people.

Elder Whitaker went home last week which was super weird. He entered the mission with me. It made me feel super old. I love that guy so much!

Man I'm loving it right now. I love the mission. I love these people so much. Thank you for everything you do for me! Have a good week! I LOVE YOU!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANK!!!!!!! Sickest 9 year old everrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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