Wednesday, August 6, 2014


August 6, 2014

Hi everyone.....

1.  What sad day does Finch go home?  

He bounces on the 20th! He will be up there for my homecoming haha and if he's not, he's told me that I can kill him
2.  Any chance Luis could get taught and baptized when we go down?  What would need to happen? 

He would have to go to church 3 times before and all of the charlas. We will see what we can do. I think that we are going to go and make bricks with president and I will see if we can pass by.  

3.  Tell us about your mission travels.  It would be fun for me to hear where you have been.  We had to leave the country a few times to get Fe de edades.  Do you have to do that?

No we can't do that. Now if they want that stuff from other countries, they have to go do it themselves. We did have to go down to Tiquisate (super far zone) and drop off some money to the elders that had gotten robbed hard core. It was sooooo awesome. It was actually super funny because they saw the guy take stuff out of the  house and they just stood there with their mouths open. We jsut have a lot of late night runs to the office and to do stuff around the mission and that is sick!

We had a siiiiiiiiiick experience last night with President Duncan (the President of the area) and it was me and Elder Finch, The assistants from the east mission and the sister trainer leaders from the south mission were invited to a metting at the CCM to answer questions from the youngins. One of the most spiritual things that I've done in my whole mission. Man it was SSSOOOOO COOOLLL!!! It was a great time there. The CCM is soooo different from what it was when I was there. The coolest thing that happened was that at the first of the meeting I just had a thought how cool it would be to see someone that I knew, as we finished the meeting, a tall skinny Elder came up to me and said, "Are you Gabe Hanson's brother?" I looked down at his name tag and saw that it said "Elder Dunshee". Chad Dunshee! Gabe's young friend. Man it was so cool. He just thanked me for my testimony and it was the coolest thing ever. A little miracle/tender mercy. Then we had to take the sisters from the South mission home in the truck which was a little interesting hahha but it was an awesome night. Super super memorable.

We baptized this weekend! C got baptized and it was so cool. In all the pictures she wanted us to bend down because she is soooooo short! She is 28 years old and looks like she is 18 haha. She is such an awesome girl. 

Highlight of the week! Tomorrow we are going to the temple with the most chosen person that I've ever known in my life, A! She is so happy. Me and Elder Hernandez baptized her and he son in El Carmen and now the rest of their family has gotten baptized pretty much. She is a single mom and she is the most awesome lady ever. It is going to be an awesome thing to go totomorrow! I'm seriously so stoked!!!!!!!!

I don't really remember anything that happened this week. But is was a great one. I love you all so much and am so thankful for you and what you do for me! I'll send pictures of my suit next email! I just haven't taken any of the suit yet! I love you!!!!!!!!!

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