Monday, December 24, 2012

Feliz Navidad Suckers!!!!

December 24, 2012


Well first i´m about darles Chicotes cuz i had nothing in my email!!!!!! Puchica hombres. But whatever because I get to talk to you TOMORROW!!!!

This week was really good. It flew by so dang fast i feel like my head is spinning. We had a freaking buttload of lessons and we´re looking at more this week. The only problem that we have is that no one will come to church. And i mean NO ONE. We had 3 investigators in the church sunday. That´s really discouraging haha but it´s okay. We´re working hard and being obedient. And that´s all that matters. 

The President of the branch wasn´t in church on Sunday so me and my companion had to handle all the business haha. Heconducted and i had to give a nice girthy talk about Faith. Thank the Heavens above for Ether chapter 12. or as the people would say here Gracias a Dios. It wasn´t that bad but it was a little hectic and stressful. But we got it done baby!

Tonight I guess is going to be way crazy because the don´t celebrate on the 25 it´s on the 24. Tonight we get to be out of the house until 12 45 haha that´s going to be so dang crazy. But i´m really stoked to see how they celebrate here.

We had a really successful week this week but something really crazy happened. Arnulfo, our investigator that was a sure baptism, just up and freaking left his whole family!!!! Que esta pasando con este cuate?????? Freaking crazy. I guess he got in a fight with his wife and packed his bags and left. We have no idea where he is and we can´t talk to him because he doesn´t have a phone. I guess all we can do is be there for the family and pray like crazy for him. It really just crushed us because he was so sure and seemed so ready for the gospel. It´s one of those things that´s really been hard to deal with. 

Every day is better and better. I´m really starting to get used to everything and finding out the best way to get things done. Also it helps that my feet feel way way way way better. I´m pretty much coating them is disinfecting stuff every night and they are doing way better. 

I got some letters from a bunch of people today and i´m looking forward to reading them tonight and seeing what everyone has to say. Let everyone know to keep writing me and i will write everyone back in due time haha. I didn´t get any packages yet but maybe tomorrow the hermanas are going to have them haha or  maybe at least one. 

But I will talk to you guys tomorrow!!!!!! WHOOOOO that´s  gonna be good. 

I love you all!! Have a great Christmas eve watching Freddy Krugars Christmas and eating chinese food!!! Totes jelly. 

Love, Elder Hanson

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