Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sipicate Week 5

December 18, 2012

Mom here are the answers to your questions:

1.  How are your feet?  They are okay. Still hurt like crazy but they are getting a little bit better. I haven't talked to anyone because there isn't anyone around us to talk to haha. But i'll be okay!!
2.  Was that the inside of your house that you were roasting marshmellows? Sadly dad is right haha yeah that's in the part of our house where the shower is and stuff like that. It's pretty wild eh?
3.  Did you get some food?  hahaha yeah we have food. We always find ways to get food. Todo bien aqui con la comida
4.  Do you have enough money down there?  Yeah I do. With the american dollars i have a lot but i can't use very often becuase i have to change them. So i'm just keeping them until i can change them.
5.  I heard you use a little card with mission money down there.  Is that right? Yeah we have a card with all the money that we have for a month.
6.  Are you getting used to the heat at all?  No not at all haha in the mornings it's so dang hot. I'm lucky we're not out muuch in the mornings because we are studying.

Well Hey!!

This week was a stressful one to say the least. We started off the week in our area with another P day NOT hahaha never have p day! that just go t substituted with the day at the Temple. We went to stay with the zone leaders because we had to be at the temple at 6 in the morning the next day on wednesday. We were fasting that whole day and that was a really long fast. Longest of my life for sure, i thought i was going to die haha. On Wednesday we had to wake up at 2 in the morning after a nice long night on a tile floor to be at the temple in time for the first session. No food no water and no sleep. It was a recipe for a great day. It ended up good I just was dead the whole day. In the temple was in spanish and that was really hard. I don't understand it in english let alone in spanish haha. But it ended up good. My attitude just wasn't where it needed to be that day. Just a long hard day haha.

The rest of the week was pretty good. We had a lot of good success in our area with lessons and stuff but not with attendance at church. We called all of our investigators in the morning on sunday and about 15 of them told us that they were going to come. So we were counting on like 6 or 7. It ended up to be our worst attended sacrament meeting that i've had here with only 2 investigators. That was super hard and frustrating. The lady that we were supposed to confirm, didn't show up to the meeting hahaha so we have to do that next week. I think that we just need to focus a little bit more with the importance of the sacrament meeting with our investigators.

It was another frustrating week but I'm trying really really hard to keep my head up and not get down. We are teaching a lot but we just have no one that is really really progressing. We have a wedding planned for Arnulfo next month because he drank again, after a month without he drank!!!!!!! we were devestated. That was a hard one to swallow. But we're still working hard with him and trying really hard to help him. We have a goal of 5 baptisms in January and I know that if we just have faith and are obedient, that we'll get it done. 

It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. It's so weird with no snow and no cold at all but i think it still will be cool. With the call, next week I will email on MONDAY and i will give you our phone number to our house.  The other day we went into a house where they were watching Elf and i was really jelly because i wanted to be watching Elf haha but it's all good. Soon enough right? We're not going to the change meeting this week so I don't even know if i'm going to even get my packages and letters before Christmas even if i have the chance to do so. So I guess i will just have to wait and see what is going to happen with that haha.  Dad your Christmas letter was so awesome. I actually did see a lady with that tat on her forhead. Tu eres un travieso por supuesto hombre. haha I wish i could have been at the B party to see my boy Uncle Gordie totally kill it!! Alwaays a good time at that Party.

Well that's pretty mnuch all for this week. Thanks for all the support and i will email you on monday to let you know what's going on with everything and if i got my packages. I love you all so much and i hope that everything is going really well for everyone!! The rooms are freaking sick too. Geez i want Gus' when i get home haha. Much love to all!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Cooper Tyler Hanson 

With your question mom about the people that can't read..... It says in the scripture that once you RECIEVE these things i would exort you.... yeah so the people aren't held acountable. Everything is according to the faith.

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