Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's hot water?

November 27, 2012

Hello all!! 

This week was a lot a lot a lot better than the first one out in the field. We´re teaching like crazy! We had alomost 40 lessons this week and we want to have more this week! We don´t really do anything but walk from lesson to lesson and sometimes we find a new investigator. We´re looking at 5 baptisms or more in the month of Decmeber and this is an area that only has 6 in the whole year. So me and my companion are looking to double that in this month!

I´m having a lot of fun with my companion and I´m really loving him. My spanish is getting so much better with him and i´m trying to help him a lot with his english. He´s really learning a lot and learning fast. I like to talk to him in English when we´re in the house and he is really doing well with understanding me if i speak really slow haha. 

When i get down and have a pretty bad day, I like to go back to the house and read section 121 of D and C because that just helps me know that i could totally have it a lot worse. Also I read this week in the chapter 40 of Alma. This chapter is about the after life and things like that. And I don´t really know if there is anything more comforting to me in regards to Gabe than that chapter of sctipture. I just love it. I think it´s verse 23 that says that not a hair on the head will be missing. I love that because we all know how great of hair Gabe had. He loved to let everyone know too. Also something that i draw a lot of comfort from is listening to music. There are so many songs that i just love to listen to and love to think about my little brother. I know where he is and i know that he is doing the exact same thing as me.

I had a cool experience with this man named Vinicio Ochoa this week, a inactive member that is struggling to find his way back. He is so nice and is always wanting us to come over and visit. A couple nights ago we were walking back to the house to go back for the night and he rode by on his bike and was histerical. He couldn´t find his family and had no idea what was going on. It was really sad. We talked to him for a while and tried to help him calm down. When he was finally calm i looked him right in the eyes and told him that he needed to say a prayer that everything would be okay....The next day we went and visited him and talked to him. Everything was okay with his family and he was doing a lot better. He had found a job and was really happy and excited. It was so good to see his face and see him happy and cheerful again. A little later in the lesson he looked at me and said ´´Elder Hanson i will never forget what you told me last night. From now on i will always have a prayer in my heart and me and my family are coming back to the church.´´ For me the Spirit was so strong. I was so happy that something that i said had actually made an impact on someone. I just know i´m here for a reason and it´s really hard a lot of the time but i´m starting to love it.

In a family of members there is this kid named Emilio and he literally is a clone of Chancho off of Nacho. When i first saw him i wanted to ask him if he played Chancho. I´m not even joking. Like it´s freaking crazy. I just wanted to ask him if i could borrow some sweats. To Dad...Hay muchas snaked aqui in Sipacate. I hope you know what that means. There are snakes but i´m not talking about the literal ones haha.

I´m starting to love it and i´m looking forward to all of the good things that The Lord has in store for me. It´s hard to be so dang isolated from everyone and everything but i know that will pass and we´re just going to freaking kill it this week in the work. I´m loving the people and they are all just so funny. I just love talking to drunk people for some reason. They are always the most entertaining. Well thanks for all the prayers and support! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Hanson

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