Monday, December 10, 2012


December 10, 2012

Hey y´all!
I´m just going to start off this one by saying that this definetly wasn´t the best week of my life...Actually it was really really really hard. I find myself more frustrated than happy a lot of the time. And it´s mostly frustration with myself. The language is really kicking my butt and I just have no idea how I am ever going to be able to understand these people. It´s really hard to not understand really well still. I can talk most of the time just fine but I just can´t understand the normal stuff. It´s really hard to concentrate and focus when I don´t know what is going on in the conversation. It also is a big distractor from the spirit. I don´t feel the Spirit at times because i´m too busy being frustrated with myself and the situations that i´m in.
We literally have no food in the house haha. And on top of it all we don´t get P day this week and don´t get to go shop for food haha so i don´t know what´s going to happen with that stuff. This week we get to go to the city to go to the temple and i´m really looking forward to that. It´s going to be really nice to have such a big spiritual boost at this crappy time right now.
One thing that brightned up the week this week was the Baptism of Gloria Diaz Mendoza. I didn´t baptize her but it still was really really amazing. We found her two and a half weeks ago and she was ready to recieve the message. She totally just did everything we asked and got baptized. It was nice to finally have an investigator like that. We have an investigator named, Arnulfo Lima and he is so amazing! We´ve gotten him off of alcohol and all he needs to do is get married to his wife that he´s been living with for 35 years hahah. His wedding is planed for this Saturday and his Baptism is the following day. We´ve really worked hard with him and he´s been really good for us. I guess that this is a really hard area and we´re having a little bit of good success compared to the other missionaries in this year. We´re hoping to have about 4 more baptisms this month and then we´ll match the number for this whole year. It´s really discouraging at times but when you have an investigator that is really good and just picks up on everything really quick, it is rewarding. 
I´m emailing today because this weeks schedule is really screwey with the temple stuff. The whole entire mission in going to the temple on tuesday and wednesday. That is going to be a huge boost for me. I´m really looking forward to that. We have to go tomorrow to stay at the zone leaders house because we´re so far out of the city and we need to be at the temple by 6 in the morning. We would have to leave Sipacate at like 2 in the morning to get there on time haha. 
It´s so dang hot here!!!! Even during the night is just way too hot. I honestly didn´t know that I could sweat this much in my entire life. I go back to the house at night and I´m just all sticky and dirty and stinky and normally as all of you guys know I can´t handle being dirty but now it´s weird that I don´t mind when i am just totally nasty. One thing that totally amazes me is the fact that the people that live here practically are camping their whole lives. The live in these houses made out leaves and cement and they wash their clothes be hand and all this stuff. It really is crazy that people live like this. It just shows me that I am so dang blessed to live where I live and have the family that I have and have all the support from people that I have. 
We had a couple of dang funny experiences this week... First we were walking down the street and we stopped and talked to this kid that looked a little...different haha. We shared some stuff with his and invited him to church and after all this he told us that he was gay and after talking to his my companion could not stop laughing and saying I KEW IT I KNEW IT hahaha it was so funny. And now we have a gay investigator, so that´s...great. Like five minutes after that we encountered a llama that looked really nice and innocent and my companion wanted a picture with it. So I took my camera out to take one and looked up to find the llam right in my face hawking a huge lougie in my face. Luckily I´m as swift as a tiger and dodged it hahaha it was totes cray.
I can´t believe that my little buddy colly wolly polly dog is leaving so soon. It´s crazy how things are changing with everything!! Dad, I need you to get colly some of the pink vans stickers like you gave me. I gave one to Chris and we both have ours on our Plaques so get one to my boy Chode for that. He´s going to freaking kill it. I´m really stoked for it.
Send me pictures through email!! I want to see the rooms of the kids and how you guys ruined my room! Puchika!! Ruining all my stuff already! And dad I am no casacero. Siempre hablo solamente la verdad a todo la gente de Guate. One thing is that we can´t use Tu when we speak and so sometimes i want to say something in spanish but i don´t know how to speak in tu yet haha but I´m sure i will learn.

Until next time, Elder Hanson!!

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