Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 3

December 4, 2012

Hey Fam!!

      First I´m going to answer the questions that you guys had for me....

1. fill us in on your investigators.... Well we have investigators....that´s pretty much all i have to say about that haha. It´s really hard in this area because the people are so far away from civilization and don´t really have a lot of opportunities. Most of them can´t read so that is really hard. They just don´t understand what we´re trying to say a lot of the time so that´s hard. My companion gets frustrated with some people after the 6th time explaining the book of Mormon. It´s pretty hard when we hear about the other missionaries that are having people just come up to them and wanting to be baptized. But we have a baptism this week with a lady that I´ve taught all the way! That´s going to be so awesome. I guess in this area they have only baptized like 6 people this whole year. We have people with dates for their baptisms but they never follow through. We just need to pray and have faith.

2. How involved are the members? They are really great. We only have like 30 but they are all awesome. We have a 20 year old kid that comes with us to almost all of our lessons and that is a really great help to us. He leaves on his mission to Peru just before the end of my time here. 

3.  How is the Branch Pres/Bishop? He´s not the greatest. ¨ánd thats all i have to say about that´´ Forrest Gump

4. DO you eat tortillas or pan frances? We eat tortillas all the time and i love them so much!!!! And my favorite thing here is probably the bread. I almost get it every night haha my companion thinks that it´s so funny that i love the bread in our area. He says it sucks compared to other areas..

5. Have you had Pan de Manteca?  I honestly have no idea what that is so maybe i have had it but i don´t know!

6. Are you acclimating to the calorcito? Nope. 

I am able to send letters our every once in a while and I also sent the package for you guys and Natalie this week.  I think i´m going to get mail and that kind of stuff on the 19th when we have a change meeting in the city. After that i think it´s another 7 weeks till i can get mail.

Well it was a pretty hard week for me. I´m hitting the wall in the language and not feeling like i´m ever going to go anywhere with it. It´s really hard to feel like the awkward one in the conversation for the first time in my life. I can understand everything that my companion says and that is a huge blessing from the Lord. I feel like when i need to i can get my point across but I just am having a hard time understanding the people. It´s frustrating at times to not have any idea what is going on. Like one lady just asked me that if i fell in love on my mission could i stop and get married? Of course I said Si like a retard. My companion told me what happened afterward and I felt like a complete idiot. It´s just hard to be awkward haha. 

We are having a lot of fun through all of the crazy stuff. There are always drunk guys passed out in the midddle of the street and crazy dudes screaming in the churches. Every single person in our area is Evangelica. They are really hard to talk to because they just end up screaming at you. There are so many churches. It´s like every street corner is another evangelico church. And those people never want to listen. It´s way easier with Catholics or with people that have no religion. We´re always working hard through all of the weird stuff. 

Last week I had my first experience with freaky food here. Our cocinera made us soup with cow stomach.... Yeah it was the most nasty thing i´ve ever choked down. I just was praying that i could eat it through all the popping stuff and the nasty slimey texture. It was the most horrible thing ever. Other than that the food hasn´t been very weird. Mostly just rice aand meat and soup. The thing that sucks is we always get burning hot soup when all we want is something nice and cold haha. I LOVE THE BREAD HERE. It seriously is the most marvelous thing in the world haha.

I´m working on teaching my companion English. At times i will just start talking in english to see if he gets it. We sometimes have simple conversations in english and he will tell me stories and I love it so much haha. I like to have him pray in English too. The first time he did it was so amazing. I felt the Spirit so stong when he did it the first time. We just have a ton of fun together.

I´m getting totally wrecked by bugs during the night on my feet. My feet are a mess. I have like blisters on top of blisters haha it´s absolutley brutal. Walking around in the heat is killing my feet. Luckily I have good shoes haha. I am loading up on powder every single morning and afternoon if i can. If you know what i mean dad. If i forget, it's a long day haha. 

It´s really good in my area. I´m just trying so hard to get used to the heat! But this week is going to be really really fun and I´m so stoked for our baptism this weekend. That´s going to be really rewarding. She´s a really big lady so who knows if I´m going to be able to get her out of the water or if someone else will have to do it hahaha. I love you all so much! Have a great week this week and I´ll try and have some cool stories next week! Make sure you get this to all my friends that want it!

Love, Elder Cooper Tyler Hanson

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