Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feliz Ano Nuevo

Did Arnulfo ever come home?

Arnulfo is no where to be found!!!!!!! what the fetch haha but we're really working hard with his son and that kid has a good desire but he is always working haha. We have a baptism planned for this week with this patoho that is 10 years old and his parents are less actives. That's gonna be good. We have a goal of 5 baptisms this month and we're gonna freaking do it!!!!!

Do you ever go to the beach at all?
We want to one of these p days but we never have time to do it. All we would do there is play freaking soccer and everyone that knows me knows that i can't do anything with my feet. I'm like a freaking dork wad with my feet haha

Have you gone fishing yet? 
No we haven't gone fishing but we have kicked frogs in the street and killed a couple chickens each. Actually for Christmas dinner i ate a chicken that i killed with a member. Needless to say it was one of the grossest things i've ever eaten. Not only because of the taste but just for the knowledge that i killed this thing. It was so weird haha

Is your Spanish comprehension improving?  
One thing that I have noticed with my Spanish is that when i learn something i remember it way better now. Like if someone teaches me a word I can usually remember it. That's something that is really helping me.

Do you have the boo constantly? 
No actually not very much at all. We can't eat out of the street para nada so it's just in the house and fruit and with the cocinera. There are these things that we can eat from this restaurant in our area called Gringas and it's funny because that is the food and also it's a white girl haha so i always say, ''yo quiero mi Gringa'' and it has a nice sneaky double meaning. I'm just really funny like that i guess...

Well Christmas was good and the best part was talking with you guys.  I got a little homesick right after but all was good with it after. We had a pretty fun day that day but didn't teach much on Christmas eve or Christmas day because no one was in the house. They were all in the playa!! But we had fun anyway. 

I am SO FREAKING JEALOUS of Les Mis. I knew it would be amazing. With the Hobbit i didn't expect the greatness of the trilogy. But still I am jealous haha. 

I don't really have a lot of stuff to tell you. We're always working really really hard and walking like crazy. My feet are really a lot better. I hardly notice them anymore. I gave a blessing today in Spanish and it was hard. I was pretty scared to do it at first but after I put my hands on his head everything was good! I actually gave a pretty good blessing in Spanish and I was pretty pleased with myself.

I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas! That sounds so fun all the stuff that we do every year. It's crazy that it's already the New Year! I can't believe that it was a whole year ago that we were in the house with colly wolly, Chris and fat nat doing literally nothing! ''It's in the Bible blank blank'' hahahahaha Guess  who!!!!! Freak so great! The time goes by so fast when we are working hard and teaching a lot. We are really working hard on trying to find people that are going to recieve the gospel and it's not working quite yet! But very soon!!!!! We are always having fun though. Last night we bought a whole ice cream cake and we are going to start off the new year with a nice bang with this delicious beaut!

Let me know when you guys get stuff. Freaking mail down here sucks so bad. I've sent like 10 letters out but i don't think any have gotten there. I haven't gotten the package or anything else from anyone but that will probably get to me around the middle of this month when we have zone conference. It's hard to be disconnected but it's probably something good for me. 

I will send pictures to you guys next week because right now I'm not on a computer that i can send them! I love you so so so much! always praying for you guys! I hope all is well and i know it is! Let me know how everything is! I love to hear from all of you. 

Much love,
Elder Hanson

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