Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 8, 2013


1.  How is your testimony growing? Yeah I really feel like it is. I love teaching and helping people. Or should I say, trying to help people haha but yeah i love to study the Book Of Mormon every single morning and i get a lot out of the that usually.
2.  Do you feel like you get a lot out of your study time? Yeah if I really focus myself I can get a lot out of it. I love the Book of Mormon and reading about the awesome prophets. Lots of times when I read, I feel the spirit so dang strong! The words in this book are so so so powerful!
3.  Is it true you can't go in the water? Yeah it´s true. We can´t even like dip our toes in the water haha it´s pretty wild but it is probably something really good for our safety. 
4.  Please tell me you got my Christmas package by now... NOPE hahahaha I will probably get it on the 29 of this month when we have our zone conference, If i´m lucky haha but it´s all good. I´ll get it eventually.
5. We just got your package.....WHOOOOO FINALLY!!! It´s some pretty cool stuff and I thought you guys would like it. I don´t know what you´ll use it all for but whatever it´s cool to have at the house!

Whoo!!! We didn´t have a baptism this week haha but that is okay because it would have been really forced and the kid wouldn´t have gone to church after. We can´t just baptize for numbers out here. We went to visit this kid like 6 different times this week and it takes about an hour to get to his house, and that´s if we don´t teach anything to anyone. So it was a really big waste of time and a ton of money! We found the kid one day in the street and we told him to come to his house with us and he just darted off running. This was the moment when we realized that he wasn´t a really good option for a baptism haha. 

We have a baptism planned for this week and that one is going to be sure. He is named Abdias De Leon and he is 16 years old. He is freaking awesome!! He came up to us in the street one day and wanted us to visit him. We went to look for him and we couldn´t find him. We were really disappointed with that. He found us again in the street! We talked and went to his house and talked to him and right off the bat he wanted to get dunked baby!!! We´ve worked really hard to have a baptism and I really believe that this was a blessing straight from Dios that this kid just fell right in our laps,... TWICE!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I really had a good week and we taught like freaking animals. 40 lessons!!! That´s insane. No one does that. No one. My spanish is gettting better and better every day. I am loving to speak it and get better at it. I´m really grateful for the opportunity i have to be here learning such an awesome skill. I know that´s not why i´m here but it´s a good perk haha. I love just listening to people and seeing the progress that i´ve made. I love being here!

My companion completed 1 year this week and to celebrate we bought a cake with ice cream!! hahaha and then for dinner we had Cup and Noodles!!!! WHOO!!!! So lucky we are! He says that it´s really so crazy how fast the time flies. I believe him too. It seriously just seems like yesterday I was packing my bags with mom and getting ready to go. I really am so grateful to be here helping people. And I can´t wait to do more!!! I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!!

Until next week,

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  1. So happy he's happy! Those are the words a mother longs to hear.