Tuesday, January 15, 2013


January 15, 2013


First of all WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS WEEK??????? at least my boi colly wolly is going to get out on his mission!!! This last week was a straight up struggle! We didn't have the baptism of Abdias because this chambone dropped out literally 10 minutes before church. Also all of our other investigators that had dates for their baptisms dropped out on us. It's getting really frustrating. All i can do is keep my head up and try and find people that will be able to understand the importance of this message.

So proud of my boi Colin for getting out there and gettin it done!! YEAYH BABY!! I know he'll totally kill it out there. Bummer that he has to go the MTC in provo for now. What the heck is going on with the Visas to other countries?? No one can get these freaking things!!! That's got to be really frustrating. I didn't need a visa to come here because here we can stay on our passport for 2 years. CALIDAD. All we can do through all these changes and challenges is keep our head up and never ever ever lose the faith. It says in Eter that if we lose the faith WE ARE NOTHING YO. Just gotta keep your head up like my boi 2pac always said. But seriously, we always have to have the faith. Love the joke of Colin by the way.

Here's the story with Abdias...We had his interview on Friday night and he didn't pass and had to talk to President Brough. That never ever happens. So the next day we had to have the interview by phone with President and everything went good with that. He passed and seemed really excited for his baptism the next day. All he told us was that he was going to visit his aunt that night and talk to her about everything that was going to happen. We didn't see anything to worry about. The next day, Sunday, we called him and I asked him if he was ready. He replied in English ''I'¡m not ready'' I was like ''WHAT??????'' I guess he talked to his aunt that night and she told him a bunch of crap about everything and that all the stuff in the church isn't true and it's a bunch of lies and so he didn't want any more after that. That was soooooooooo frustrating. Me and my companion were pretty dang mad and frustrated and bugged after that. But like I said, we always need to maintain the faith. We just needed to calm down and say a prayer. We had a couple investigators in Sacrament Meeting but right now we're not looking at anyone that we're going to be able to baptize in this month.

The question for our investigators this week was, ''Do you want to be baptized? Yes or no?'' If they answered no (which all did), Adios que le vaya bien. or in other words we just dropped them. Because we know that for every person that we don't baptize, there is someone else that is ready for the Gospel.

We had splits this week with other missionaries and I stayed in Sipacate with the district leader and my companion went to the other area. All I can say about that is I have no idea what I'm going to do when i have to get a new companion haha. But that time will come and it will be weird for a minute but it will all end up good.

We have an awesome opportunity this week to get to hear from Elder Cristofferson in the Capitol! Normally the coast doesn't get to go because it's so dang far but this time we do! WHOOOOO! That will be a big spiritual boost for the whole entire mission. On the 29 is the zone conference when I'll get my stuff (hopefully). I guess the package from the family and the backpack are in the office right now. One of the sister companionships went there and she told me that she saw it haha but who knows when I'll get it. LOL...not! 

But everything is going good here. I know that I'm always going to have problems and challenges with the people here but we just need to keep our heads up and keep working. There are always people that are looking for the truth but just don't know where to find it until we knock on the door, or gate or cement wall haha. I love you all!! Thanks for all the support!!!!!

Love, Elder Hanson

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