Wednesday, January 30, 2013


January 30, 2013

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!

This week we actually had a pretty good one! I was really frustrated for most of it with my Spanish and our investigators. But looking back on it, it was really good.

Yesterday I got my stuff!!!! Finally!!  I'm lovin it! I got letters, The package from mom and dad, From jane and Steve (the amazing picture of Gabriel), Also a package from Natalie, Joel and Sheila. Let's just say that it was a really happy late Christmas! Haha MOM the pillowcases that you made are so dang sweet! Also my companion loves the stuff that you guys gave him! He is now drowned in talks from General Conference that he can hardly understand... hahah but he doesn't care. I also love right now to have my patriarchal blessing! I read it this morning and I just felt the Spirit so dang strong! Thank you so much everyone for everything! I loved it for sure!!!

We had a big meeting with President Brough in the Capital yesterday and that was awesome as usual. I know that he is called specifically of God to guide us and help us with everything here. He talked a lot about the hope. That is something that I have been lacking a little bit bit I'm really working hard to get that back. I notice that when I just keep my head up and keep walking, I feel the best and the days go by so dang fast. 

We're still not having hardly anyone in the church. But we're still working really hard with the investigators that we do have. Josue left and we have no no no no idea where he is haha. Another lady that wanted to be baptized got in a huge fight with her husband and moved and we have no idea where! What the heck is happening here is Sipacate???? hahaha But it's all good. All we can do is work!

Right now in Sipa there is a huge carnival that is going on in all of the streets! There are rides and all that cool stuff. Tons of people that just sit in the streets all day and sell random stuff! It's crazy! These people do that for their jobs. Just travel from city to city in Guatemala selling stuff and staying in that one city. We've talked to a lot of them and hardly any of them have real houses and I just am thinking how hard that kind of life would be. We are so blessed!!

I'm having a lot of fun still here. I'm trying to keep my head up and work really really hard and just be obedient. President Brough told us something yesterday. He said that we may not see the results of our work and obedience right now in the mission but those blessings will come for sure. Later in our lives with our future families. I'm a firm believer that what I'm doing right now will bless my future family. I love being here and speaking Spanish haha. The language is coming along but it's far from perfect. I'm a little nervous for changes because we're getting a ton of missionaries in this change, Which means that I might have to train. I will do it if I'm called but I'm a little nervous haha.

It's sad to hear about Grandma M but I know that she's happy to be where she is with Gabe and Grandpa M. She lived an amazing life! 89 years old! That's so amazing!

I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and also everything that you guys sent me! Keep praying for me and my companion, we need it haha. Have a great week everyone and I will talk to you soon! The time is going so fast!!!!!!

Love, Elder Hanson 3

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