Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well Hey

Well......what's up?


1. Change? Well My comp is outtttttttt!!! I'm seriously sooooo happy that I'm staying!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
3. How are your investigators coming along?  Everything is going well with the investigators. We found this girl the other day that went to church and is getting ready to be baptized on the 8th. Super pilas her name is Evelin.She's gettinnnnnngggg DUNKEDDDDDDDD
4. Marvin G from Mariscal pop up anywhere? No.... :( not yet at least!
5. What have you been doing on P-days lately? We never do anything hahahah. Unless we go on an activity with the zone or the district, we just go and do some shopping and go home and clean and wrrite in the journal and sleep. My body is sooooo wrecked that I don't know what the heck to do if I don't get a nap on Monday.
6.  When is the Brough's send-off down there? They leave on July 1st. I have no idea what we are going to do for it. We'll just have to see i guess right???!!!!!!

Highlight of the week was definitly my trip to El Carmen. Man I love that place soooooo much! It was the best thing ever. I was super super super happy to know that two of my converts are planning to go to the temple soon and that they are colaborating so that they go the same day so that i can go with both of them!!!! WHOOOOOOOO It's Aidee (most chosen person that I've met in this country) and Angelica. Man that made me so happy. i got dinner twice up there and I jsut worked my butt off haha. It was so awesome. I'm so happy that I'm staying so that I can be able to go again next change.

My comp is out. Who knows what's up there haha. He isn't too happy. I'm like overly happy haha I don't know if that's exactly fair....but i'm happy. He'll be alright after crying for a little. He was a good companion.  We got along great and worked super hard though. that's what matters.

Man i feel like I've been soooooo boring lately haha. I just never have anything to say. I feel like just yesterday i had changes and getting a new comp. We'll see what happens. I could be here until i finish the mission. I would looooooove that! 

Just know that i'm working hard and that I love the Lord. I think that's all you need to hear and the rest is good. Thanks for everything that you do for me and for all the love. Also yesterday I heard "You must whip it" While I was getting my haircut and thought of mom hahahahaha man I jsut laughed my butt off. Also i will have beautiful fingernails when I get home because I have ALMOST stopped. Proud? I know :)! I lLOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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